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Expansion. Adaptation. Innovation.

These words, in many ways, defined 2014 for Signature HealthCARE. The Revolution brought our total number of locations to 125. We welcomed new centers to the family and took pivotal steps to position SHC as an integrated care network capable of meeting health care needs across the full spectrum of care. We expanded into new business lines while continuing to enhance and invest in existing service offerings.

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November 9th, 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 Hall of Fame inductees! This year’s recipients for outstanding lifetime service went to Elder Hattie Stewart and Elder Shirley Keffer, outstanding community and volunteer service awards went to The Beane Family and The Nance Family singing groups, and outstanding employee service for more than 20 years went to Ms. Joanice James. Thank you, young people, for your service, dedication, and love for our elders!

A special thank you and shout out to Mrs. Olivia Yarborough for her love and support for the elders and staff. Mrs. Yarborough presented a beautiful piece of art she obtained that reminded her of our work family. We love and appreciate you so very much.


October 14th, 2014

The Bridge at Monteagle has been raising money for the Elders’ Activity Fund. Two stakeholders went above and beyond a buzz cut to help ensure the precious elders get to participate in a variety of activities, especially a vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Dietary Director Matthew Griffith and Chaplain Joel Reynolds volunteered to auction off chances for other stakeholders to cut their hair. If you know either of them, this was a big deal! When the time came for the hair affair, there was hesitancy about allowing the all-to-eager winners have their way with the scissors. After being cheered on by others and chased down the parking lot by the nurse management team, the hair duo graciously agreed to let them shave the remnants of their stylish hair. Joel received a buzz cut from the therapy department and Matthew ended up bald, courtesy of the nursing staff and admin team. Both looked very handsome though, I must say. The auction raised what was needed to ensure the elders would be able to attend the annual Signature Healthcare vacation this month and several fun events for them throughout the remainder of the year. The facility is blessed to be privileged to care for some very special people and by some very special people! Thank you, Matthew and Joel, and to all that participated!


This Veterans Day, Signature HealthCARE would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our nation’s military veterans, and those still actively serving. We especially want to thank all of our residents and stakeholders who served our country.

Happy Veterans Day from the Signature family to yours.

SHC Hall of Fame

For those unable to attend a SHC Hall of Fame ceremony, we’re bringing the celebration to you with four sites that were selected to have their ceremonies broadcast live via our website.

On October 9, 2014, 99 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 400 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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The Hall Of Fame is an innovative Quality of Life Program developed by Signature HealthCARE designed to honor the lives and accomplishments of our residents, stakeholders, volunteers, and others who have had such an impact on our centers, communities, and nation.

On October 9, 2014, 87 Signature HealthCARE centers across the southeast and midwest will induct over 350 distinguished individuals into the Hall of Fame, in local ceremonies featuring celebrity speakers and presentations about the inductees lives and accomplishments.

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2014 Health Fair

The Bridge at Monteagle hosted their annual Health and Safety Fair on May 30, 2014 for stakeholders.  Vendors included health care and safety professionals from Southern Tennessee Regional Health System’s Wellness Works and The Sleep Center, Care South Home Health, One Care Dental, Blood Assurance, Grundy County Health Department, Grundy County EMS,  Tennessee Highway Patrol, Air Evac, Advocare, D1 Sports and Fitness (Chattanooga) and ACE Weight Loss.  Ms. Jessica Guess, Pampered Chef Consultant and Mr. Matthew Griffith, Dietary Manager at TBAM spoiled stakeholders with tasty, nutritious and healthy snacks during the fair  while Ms. Crystal Ladd, C.N.A. and licensed massage therapist helped stakeholders relax by providing individual massage therapy sessions.

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Above are some photos from our time together: The Bridge Chaplain Joel Reynolds reads a poem written by a resident especially for the National Day of Prayer. The Bridge administrator Darren Hulgan participates in the National Day of Prayer.One of the Bridge residents led the group in singing “Amazing Grace” during our celebration.

On Thursday, May 1st at 12:15PM the staff and residents paused in the Bridge Dining Room to observe the National Day of Prayer.  Each year on the first Thursday in May the National Day of Prayer is held.  It is a time to pause and pray for our country, communities, and one another.  This year every facility in the Signature family held a special prayer time on the National Day of Prayer.  The Bridge at Monteagle was proud to participate in such an important day and was blessed to pray together and lift up our country and homes together.

Our gathering was attended by twenty of our Monteagle staff and 45 residents.  During our time together we prayed for our facility, communities, country, president and congress, and servicemen and women serving around the world.  The Bridge Administrator, Darren Hulgan began our event by reading scripture and praying for our facility and residents.  Chaplain Joel Reynolds lead a time of prayer for our country, read a National Day of Prayer poem by one of our residents, and led all gathered in reciting the Lord’s Prayer.  It was a special and encouraging time for all gathered.

Tammy Byers

The Bridge at Monteagle held a volunteer appreciation brunch on Friday, April 11, to show their dedicated volunteers just how much they appreciate them.

The citizens at the facility worked on ‘thank you’ cards. They wrote down their thoughts of love and appreciation for the volunteers, and had the cards waiting for the volunteers on the table as they sat down to enjoy a delicious brunch.

The volunteers were so thankful to the citizens and staff for the event, as were they for all the volunteers do at The Bridge in Monteagle.

– Jessica Cook, Quality of Life Director

When a person comes to stay with us at The Bridge, the different departments all go and say ‘hello’ and welcome them to the facility.

There are always assessments that must be filled out and at times some of the citizens don’t want to answer questions, or choose not to. When there is an issue getting the information for the Quality of Life department, different people from the department will approach the resident at different times, in hopes they may respond more readily. On occasion, there are incidents where the individual may not be able to respond, and their family or friends aren’t available to help gather the information needed to deliver personalized care.

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